About us

EckPack Service was founded in January 2004 by Martin Flossmann, general manager of SOLON Germany, in cooperation with leading experts on packaging and processing. The primary goal was to develop a re-usable, environment and production friendly alternative to the previous conventional packaging materials.

In cooperation with well-known European producers of PV modules and thermal collectors, EckPack Service succeeded in developing a corner for a save and cost-efficient transport of PV modules.

The use of the EckPack corners is consistent with the ecological philosophy of the served companies due to the corner’s reusability.

EckPack Service has set up its global base with the help of ENLOG, the company’s exclusive distribution partner. This way, EckPack Service is capable of following international operating companies into emerging new markets. The collaboration with the company’s distribution partner ENLOG allows EckPack Service to be present within different markets simultaneously and steadily, remaining cost-effective.

The production, transport and shipment of the packaging corners are coordinated by EckPack Service. Furthermore: According to individual needs, customers get visited in order to analyze specific problems, enabling on-the-spot support this way.

No wonder, EckPack became a famous brand within a few years.

EckPack,  not just another name for perfect packaging solutions.