Reduced Time and Cost for Handling and Packaging

  • Reduce with EckPack your packaging efforts to minimum
  • Fully automated packaging becomes very easy with EckPack

Simplified Logistics

  • Variable Stacking height outperforms cardboard boxes with fixed size
  • Each module can be gripped very easily
  • Re-Packaging is faster than ever.
    Logistic Operators and Re-Distributors love EckPack!

Reduced Freight and Storage Cost

  • Use trucks and containers to their full cargo height
  • Higher packaging density. Only 5 mm distance between modules
  • Optimize small shipments (partial truck loads) – vertical stacking on standard pallets
  • Use the full height of your warehouse. Stack up to 2500 kg static load

Improved Safety! Less Damage!

  • EckPack ist strong. Module stacks weighing 1000kg are transported without a problem
  • EckPack & shrink wrap packaging leaves modules visible “HANDLE WITH CARE” product
  • Vertical stacking is recommended to reduce transport damage (e.g. microcracks)
  • Modules are evenly spaced by plastic corners which prevents them rubbing against each other
  • In a horizontal stack, even the bottom module carries only its own weight.
  • Wet cardboard boxes are a nightmare! EckPack is moisture proof.


Since 2013 is EckPack Service certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 for quality management. This enables us to offer our customers many benefits;

A sustainable quality assurance
Quicker Identify of improvement potential
Our processes constantly extend, to act always flexible.

The certificate “Authorized Economic Operator” (AEO) with the status “Customs Simplifications / Security” (AEO F) EckPack Service has received in 2011.


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The AEO certification is intended to secure the consistent international supply chain (Supply Chain) from the manufacturer of goods to the end consumer. (Source: © Eurpoean Union, 2007-2011)