Our values

Customer focus

We are clear, simple and straightforward. We see it as our responsibility to be able to satisfy any requirements and wishes of our customers. We work hard every day to earn the trust of our customers. We share the values created by our company.


We stand by what we say and by our commitments. We only promise , what we can keep. We communicate openly and honestly and promote mutual feedback as an instrument for greater clarity and a definite orientation.

Sustainable performance

We are working highly engaged for a sustainable business success. We act responsible in the means of sustainable development with the objective to satisfy the needs of our customers, of our employees, and last not least,of our stake-holders


We are open to the new and truly understand change as an opportunity. We share our knowledge actively. For our customers, we are continually improving our products and our service. Continuous development of our transparent and lean processes ensures the quality of our work.


We treat each other with appreciation and respect, meeting as responsible equals. We value diversity as part of an inspiring working environment which enables us to find the best solutions. We are working closely together, supporting each other across all hierarchies and functions.


We firmly hold to imperative rules and principles of quality of work.First of all we understand the requirement to get it right first time, on time, every time.We concentrate on the essentials.  That is why we also treat all our resources in a sensible, careful and sustainable way.