Our vision

Where others stop, we start with service and quality, meeting all the requirements of our customers and their valuable products.

Acting as inventor, producer and brain-pool within the packaging industry, we are ambitious and successful. Worldwide . We are Made in Germany.

Our mission

Our mission statement combines the interests of environment, our employees, our society and our stakeholders, following the principle of sustainability. We are as well focused on promoting social aspects, environmental protection and are contributing to a strong economy.

For us it is very important to provide active support to strengthen the environment as well as contributing to our society. This leads to sustainability being a significant part of our business values. Following this guideline will assure a long-term success of our company.

For our employees, we are providing an attractive and secure working environment, and are encouraging personal development. Furthermore we commit ourselves to the conservation of natural resources.

For our stakeholders, our actions aim at their welfare.

For the Society in which we live and operate, our Company is acting as an integral, active component.