Consultation by mail , phone or conference call , meeting or on site

  1. Analysis of the current packaging situation (materials / processes / local requirements)
  2. Proposals for the conversion of existing packaging and logistics processes
  3. Requirement analysis
  4. Proposals for a perfect packaging with EckPack
  5. Recommendations concerning the re-usability of EckPack products
  6. Advice for automated packaging solutions, 3rd party recommendations
  7. Advice for the selection of the optimal accessories for the desired package goal
    Example: Automation, pallets, stretching foils, strapping
  8. Provision of datasheets, packaging hints and instructions

Development of new and individual solutions / Adaptation of our existing program

  1. Feasibility analysis: Economical, technical aspects
  2. Adaptation of standard packaging elements, according to customer-specific requirements
  3. Design of new and customized packaging elements (drawings, simulation, static analysis)
  4. Prototyping of new packaging elements, production of small series for evaluation
  5. Tests of modified or new packaging element designs
  6. Integration of the packaging elements into existing or new packaging automation
  7. Analysis and discussion of possible alternatives and improvements

Test internally / externally with trial packaging

  1. Product Review: State Materials Testing Institute (DPMA) , Technical University of Darmstadt, other 3rd party
  2. Trial packaging set-up and review by EckPack experts, with customer products and EckPack packaging elements
  3. Transport tests with trial packaging, customers packaging versions of the trial packaging
  4. Creation of customized manuals, packaging instructions

Injection molding and prototyping: Development, construction and maintenance

  1. Rapid Prototyping: 3D printing, laser sintering
  2. Steel and Aluminum molds for small series and mass production
  3. In-house development and construction


  1. Sample shipping
  2. Logistics and regular shipping of small and large scale deliveries
  3. Provision of logistics services: Telephone Support, recommendations