Laminate Pack


Laminate Pack

For Frameless Modules

EckPack Laminate is a clever solution for frameless modules (glass/glass or glass/backsheet). Height and packaging density is determined by junction box design, and additional measures may become necessary depending on module size and design. Being a true TRIO design, it can be used for shipping modules vertically or horizontally, sometimes with additional spacers between the modules. Like all other EckPack Solutions it can be used within fully automated production systems. As laminate thickness, location and height of junction boxes vary from customer to customer, a one fits all corner does not exist and therefore EckPack laminate solutions are product specific. Since its introduction in 2011, this patented product is successfully used by 3SUN Sharp and produced with a capacity of 1GW per year.



No.Laminate Height incl. j-Box (mm)Glas Thickness Slot Width (mm)Comment
1357,1for frameless Modules currently used by Sharp
2357,7for frameless Modules currently used by Sharp
3484,5/5,5/6just sample amounts